Christine Harrison, LMT


Studied at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage Syracuse, New York.

Christine brings a wealth of knowledge to her massage profession with her years of experience in the corporate world.  She has always been in a role that is Customer/Client focused on problem solving or solution creation.  This experience allows her to listen to her clients and present a treatment plan that helps her clients reach their health goals.  Christine’s work experience before becoming a massage therapist aids in her understanding of “what makes people hurt.”  Whether you are at a desk most of your day, or you drive for a living, or you are a laborer and use your body to do your job, she can help you understand what is making you hurt and how to make adjustments in your day to help decrease discomfort.  Massage is a healthful way to address pain without shots, surgery, or medications.

Christine has been practicing at Cunningham Chiropractic for 4 years and has now expanding her practice into the front of the building to allow 3 other therapist’s space to work.  A big part of Christine’s practice has been to give back to Veterans by volunteering and working with Veterans.  Christine is working on her Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage.  This program is the first of its kind in our country and allows Veterans to get massage.  Christine accepts Workers Comp, No Fault, Flex Spend, Credit or of course, Cash.


Joshua Reyes, LMT


Joshua Reyes is an LMT and graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse. He has also completed training for Thai Massage in Costa Rica from Vicki Ramsdell, working with the LMT Success Group. He has been employed by the Skana Resort Spa at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino since 2013, and has also worked at various spas and gyms in the Syracuse area. He has recently decided to bring his unique massage approach to Every Body Massage at Cunningham Chiropractic. Joshua’s massage technique incorporates Thai massage training into his traditional massage to provide a multi-faceted, longer lasting massage experience.

Traditional Thai Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage, is a traditional healing therapy from Thailand. It consists of a flow of stretches, compressions, rocking, and holds that open the joint spaces, and elongate muscles naturally. Joshua combines this technique with trigger point massage, orthopedic techniques, relaxing Swedish massage into what he calls Realign Massage Therapy. This allows for deeper work with less pain, balancing work with less discomfort, and naturally increased flexibility. This combination of relaxing techniques, elongating and stretching techniques, deep focus work, and intuitive, detail oriented approach, focuses on return the bodies structures back to proper alignment. When realignment is achieved, optimal relaxation is felt, physical performance is maximized, and recovery is aided.

Lorri Mathewson, RMT, LMT


Lorri Mathewson, RMT, LMT has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 26 years.  She took her two-year training in massage at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and became registered in Ontario in 1992 and Licensed in NYS in 1995.  She specializes in medical massage and rehabilitation massage as well as relaxation and stress reduction.  She has worked with referrals from chiropractors and physicians to treat No-Fault MVA-related musculoskeletal injuries and trauma.  She utilizes sound healing with tuning forks and the use of gem stones in her massage treatments to facilitate healing in the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Lorri also taught massage for ten years at the Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester massage schools.  She has had a successful massage practice in the Western New York area and relocated to Syracuse in 2015 where she is now working at EveryBody Massage Center.  You may consult her website for more information at


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday by appointment only.
I am flexible and can accommodate massage sessions according to your scheduling needs.


  • 30-minute sessions           $40
  • 45-minute sessions           $55
  • 60-minute sessions           $70

Fran Powell, LMT


Fran Powell, LMT, graduated valedictorian from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM) in Syracuse NY. She also graduated with honors with a Bachelors degree from Syracuse University and worked in the field of Special Education. She raised her family in the Central NY area.

Fran currently provides Swedish massage for increased circulation and relaxation, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. She also uses orthopedic techniques for the cervical spine to relieve clients from the physical and emotional stresses of the neck and shoulders, as well as utilizing massage with stretching techniques to alleviate lower back pain.

Also specially trained in techniques that meet the specific needs of our returned soldiers she has been providing massage to Veterans in Syracuse. Fran has a son serving in the Marines which makes this close to her heart.

Massage therapy has been a life long interest for Fran and she continually strives to expand her knowledge base. Her current focus is gaining knowledge and experience in balancing the body’s energy and hopes to offer this service in the near future.

She earned the nickname “tiger mountain” during her OSTM training for the tiger-like focus and mountain like-patience she brings to assisting her clients.

Contact Options:

You can contact Fran by phone, voicemail or text to make an appointment.

Payment Options:

Credit/debit cards, cash. VA payments for Veterans massage.


Monday mornings. All day Wednesdays and Fridays.


$40.00 for 30 minutes

$70.00 for 60 minutes

$90.00 for 90 minutes

$120. 00 for 120 minutes

Add Aromatherapy for an extra $5.00



210 Old Bridge Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057